The Infinity Hash affiliate system allows you to earn extra income by simply building a team of affiliates. We offer 10% commission in USDT on all shares purchased through your referral link (lifetime commissions on users who sign up through your link for all future purchases, including those made in the MEATEC shop) with a total of 5 levels: 10% on the first level, 3% on the second level, 2% on the third and fourth levels, and 1% on the fifth level.

You can find your referral link, code and additional resources on the “Affiliate” page in the Infinity Hash dashboard.

MEATEC LLC, the company behind Infinity Hash, pays for it to make the Infinity Hash project grow faster and make more profit in the long run. For us, the affiliate system is a marketing expense.

No. All expenses are paid by MEATEC LLC. We are basically giving away today’s profits for faster growth and long term partnerships. Since a larger community means lower bulk purchase prices for miners, electricity costs and infrastructure scaling with synergy effects also affecting MEATEC’s existing customer base and our own miners, the expense is worth it and benefits both us as a company and the Infinity Hash community greatly.

No. Pyramid schemes and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) systems both rely on people referring people to get new users, and have multiple levels of members who refer new users to pay the old ones. We don’t take customer money to pay for the affiliate system, and we can’t do that in the future because we’re completely transparent and everyone will notice, which would put us out of business (if we’re lucky) or worse (if we’re not).

Landing Pages and Link Targets

By default, you get an affiliate link that links to the signup form of the dashboard, but you can also use all pages and posts of the blog ( and the landing page ( Your referral code will be redirected to the registration form when users decide to create an account. The registration form itself sets a long term cookie (over 1 year).

Where to find your affiliate link?

You can find your affiliate link under “Affiliate” in the dashboard. Just click on the big “Copy Affiliate Link” button. This will give you a link that looks like this: The XXX-XXXX part (will be numbers instead of Xs) is your ref-code.

where to find your affiliate link - Affiliate
You can find your affiliate link under “Affiliate” in the dashboard.

How to use your ref-code for landing pages

Here are the current landing pages you can use (replace the XX-XXXX with your actual ref-code!):

🇬🇧 English landing page

  • (open link)

🇷🇺 Russian landing page

  • (open link)

🇸🇦 Arab landing page

  • (open link)

🇫🇷 French landing page

  • (open link)

How to use your ref-code for blog content

  • 1. Copy the link of a blog article or page you want to use. We’ll use as example
  • 2. Make sue the link has the “/” at the end and add your ref-code:
  • 3. Don’t forget to replace the XXX-XXXX with your actual ref-code!


Never mislead people by promising excessive returns or providing false information about the project in order to make money through the affiliate program. Our goal is to be and remain a long-term project with our full focus on community, honesty and transparency. If we see any partner misleading users, we will permanently delete all affiliate connections and restrict the account from adding more affiliates in the future. If you have any questions regarding these rules or are unsure if your marketing efforts are following them, we are always available to answer your questions and can even help you set up campaigns.

Infinity Hash in the Media

Media Pack

The media pack includes the Infinity Hash logo, the Infinity Hash shares icon and the “how it works” graphic as PNG and SVG files. You are free to use them for promotional purposes as long as you don’t make false or otherwise misleading promises of high returns that could mislead users, and as long as you don’t imply any affiliations other than those outlined in our affiliate program or as a member of the Infinity Hash community.

Banner Ad Downloads

Here are some banners and ads that you can use for advertising. The provided ZIP files contain all banners as GIF and MP4 files.

OpenGraph Feature Images

Typically used as article images that appear when shared on social media.

Used Hardware

Our current default miner is the M50 series by Whatsminer. The images below are also available as ZIP download.

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