Our development roadmap is an easy way to see what features our development team is working on and what you can expect to see in the future. At the bottom of the page you can find a list of completed updates and features.

Pending Updates and Features

  • New and improved Infinity Hash Dashboard
  • Dashboard home
  • Swap page
  • Buy Shares page
  • Affiliate-page
  • Deposit page and flow
  • Withdraw page and flow
  • Account and settings
  • Community Marketplace
  • Project Stats and Transparency page
  • Bitcoin Lightning Support
  • BTC-Lightning deposit
  • BTC-Lightning withdrawals
  • Home-grown Payouts Solution
  • Initial Planning: Provide our own system for payouts (withdrawals) to drop fees to nearly free (as close to the actual transaction fees of the respective blockchain as possible) and provide automated weekly or monthly withdrawals for all users.
  • Home-grown Deposit Solution
  • Initial Planning: Provide zero-fee direct deposits for each supported coin including BTC lightning. On account creation each user automatically gets an assigned deposit address for each coin and chain, enabling fast and easy deposits.
  • Infinity Hash Mobile App
  • Initial Planning: Planning will start after we got a few weeks of user feedback with the fully finished new Dashboard and know which features are actively being used.
  • Platform update of the front-end to add PWA support
  • UI improvements to make the PWA work great on mobile (UX optimization)
  • Testing and bug fixing to bring the app online
  • Infinity Hash Mining Pool
  • Launching our own mining pool would allow us to capture 100% of mining profits and save money on transactions


  • Finished
  • Currently being worked on
  • Pending

Completed Updates and Features

January 2024

Update / FeatureDescription
Affiliate page updateAdded daily, weekly and monthly revenue as well as total affiliates and today’s, this week’s and this month’s new sign-ups via the affiliate link of the account.
Deposit page updateAdded deposit history table and improved UI of the deposit page (split into different payment groups), added new deposit options (BTC-Lightning and stables) and reduced minimum deposits.
Withdrawal page updateImproved security via address whitelisting (2FA for new addresses only), added balance display to withdrawal page and fixed UI bugs on mobile.
General dashboard improvementsIntroduced multiple CSS fixes to improve the dashboard design and prevent glitches on mobile and smaller screens on all pages.

December 2023

Update / FeatureDescription
Welcome emails updateAdded welcome emails to the system so that new users automatically receive the most important information and resources about the project within the first 3 days of registration.
Marketing translations updateCompleted translation of all marketing materials into German and Russian.
Blog translations updateFinished translating all blog pages to German and Russian.

November 2023

Update / FeatureDescription
System status pageFor extra transparency, we launched a new system status page with public uptime statistics.
DDOS protection and OPSECAfter a few days of downtime, we added extensive DDOS protection and other security measures, including a dedicated server for each service.
Share price calculatorLaunched a public share price calculator with formulas for full transparency. Now anyone can check the current share price.
Start testing hydro coolingBegan testing hydro-cooling miners as a potential future standard miner / setup for Infinity Hash.
Community MarketplaceLaunched the Community Marketplace as a public beta. Now anyone can buy and sell shares with other community members.

October 2023

Update / FeatureDescription
Affiliate targets updateUpdated all blog content and landing pages to work with affiliate links that automatically redirect to the correct registration page
Buy Shares page updateThe Buy Shares page is now much easier to use, especially for new users and those with less crypto and Bitcoin experience.
Swap page updateUpdated swap page with easier to use UI, ready to support more currencies and better usability on mobile.

September 2023

Update / FeatureDescription
Public Beta Launch of the new DashboardLaunch of the new and improved Infinity Hash dashboard that separates it from the old MEATEC dashboard. We decided to launch even though there are still some design updates and usability improvements in the works, so that we can involve the community in the update process and get direct feedback for further improvements.
Rewards Splits FeatureYou can now choose what percentage of your rewards will be paid in BTC and what percentage will be paid in USDT. Available in the settings on the Dashboard home section.
New Exchange and Payout ProviderCompleted the switch to a new exchange and payout provider enabling better swap prices and lower fees for most payout coins (withdrawals via the dashboard).
Buy Infinity Hash Shares with BitcoinYou can now buy Infinity Hash shares directly with Bitcoin. This closes the loop and we are happy that the whole Infinity Hash project is now entirely Bitcoin enabled.

August 2023

Update / FeatureDescription
Micro-ConvertsSupport for BTC to USDT conversions (swaps) with a minimum amount of 0.00001 BTC.
Infinity Hash ContainersOn August 18th a new mining container for Infinity Hash went online. This marks the important milestone off switching to custom container infrastructure for the project.
BTCPay Server IntegrationAdded BTCPay Server as a Deposit option (starting with BTC payments) removing fees, geo-blocking problems and KYC requirements as well as improving privacy.
QR-Code for Affiliate PartnersAffiliate links are now available as a QR code on the Affiliate page.
Earnings Download as CSV fileExport your earnings to CSV for profit or potential tax calculation purposes. Available on the Reward details page.
News Section in the DashboardStay up to date in new miner purchases, maintenance status, and other important information.

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