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General Questions

We want to build a self-sustaining Bitcoin mining ecosystem and enable everyone to participate in it, even with very little money and no technical experience. We believe the only way to achieve this goal is through full transparency, partial reinvestment for customer success (halving protection), and taking the hard, long-term option whenever a decision needs to be made.

There are 6 key factors that make Infinity Hash much more profitable than most other mining projects, large mining companies, and solo miners:

  1. Extremely low energy prices: We have always averaged below $0.06/kWh for our electricity and are trending downward to soon reach regular sub-5 cents (USD) territory full time. Electricity is the biggest expense in Bitcoin mining and we have the cheapest reliable power in the world.
  2. Extremely low operating costs: We don’t buy fancy office buildings, we don’t waste money on KYC checks, etc. Basically, we focus on bringing Bitcoin mining to the masses and doing what is good for our community without any distractions.
  3. High mining efficiency: We always buy the latest miners with the best build quality and high mining efficiency. This ensures that we can run them for a very long time and get more out of them in the long run, even if we pay a slightly higher price for the most up-to-date machines in the moment.
  4. No middlemen and full transparency: Because we are fully transparent wherever possible and are always working on building our own systems for payments, dashboards, etc., we can’t divert money anywhere and we don’t have to pay huge sums to unwanted middlemen like payment providers.
  5. Pooling resources: By bringing together many individuals and companies who want to invest in Bitcoin mining, we are essentially crowdfunding money to buy and operate expensive machines on expensive infrastructure. In other words: By pooling the money of many investors, we are able to get miners and infrastructure significantly cheaper (bulk orders and long-term contracts) and act anti-cyclical like the large publicly traded mining companies (buy miners and expand during bear markets, take profits and stack sats during bull markets).
  6. On-site repairs: Unlike most other mining companies, we have built our own repair center right at the mining farm and have invested a lot of time and resources in training our staff to fix most problems right on the spot. This way we don’t have to ship a broken machine to the manufacturer for repair and can get it back online within 24-48 hours most of the time, while the competition waits 2-3 months to get a replacement machine up and running.

There are many other small factors that contribute to comparatively high profits for our community, but those would go beyond the scope of this FAQ entry.

We take a small charge on the energy used by the project, provide additional services for which we ask to pay, and benefit from various synergies. Examples:

  1. Let’s say we got a long term contract for $0.045 per kWh. In this case, we would probably sell it to the project for about $0.05 per kWh. We think this is a good arrangement because it gives us a little wiggle room to cover spontaneous expenses (like training new employees on how to repair miners), but still makes sure that our own incentives and the incentives of our community are fully aligned:
    • If we get too greedy and raise energy prices too much, we won’t have the cheapest energy prices and the highest profits anymore, which in the long run would cause our community and investors to leave and take their capital elsewhere.
    • High returns are the best advertisement for any investment product. The better we are able to sell new shares to new investors, the bigger our bulk orders become (which means lower purchase prices for miners) and the faster we can scale our operation. The more miners we have, the more money we can make from our small cut of the energy price.
  2. In the future, we may offer various additional services such as fully automated daily payouts, conversion of mining rewards to FIAT (USD, EUR, etc.) and more, and will most likely earn a small commission on these services. The core offering will always remain 100% Bitcoin-centric and KYC-free!

It is really important to us to be open about where exactly we make a profit with Infinity Hash, so we will always keep you updated on any new developments and plans.

No. And it will never be fully decentralized because we operate the miners at our location on behalf of the community. We might try to improve privacy and censorship resistance in the future by using something like BitVM or Ordinals, but since the mining hardware is with us anyway (and we don’t have KYC), there would be no immediate benefit in diverting development resources to create some DeFi token on a chain that is decentralized in name only like Ethereum (none of the major DeFi chains are truly decentralized). On the contrary, it would slow down the development of more important features requested by the community, open a gigantic attack surface from a security perspective, and cost fees benefiting people and companies that think it’s okay to censor transactions for the government. The only upside would be that we could lie to people about being decentralized to boost sales and make money off a deceptive statement like all the shitcoiners do.

No. Each sold Infinity Hash Share is backed by real miners. If you are looking for a way to verify our track record, be sure to check out our Weekly Updates, Transparency Reports and Development Roadmap! We put a lot of effort and care into being the best and most transparent community mining project in the world.

Hardware, Farm and Energy

We are currently using the Whatsminer M50 model from MicroBT. This model combines high efficiency with exceptional build quality. The build quality was the main reason we chose Whatsminer for this project. As soon as a new generation of miners comes out, we will compare the new miners from each manufacturer and decide on a new standard miner to purchase. Our next miner will most likely be the Whatsminer M60 as soon as it becomes available.

How we evaluate new miners once they are on the market: Basically, we order a few dozen miners of each type we want to test, hook them up in the same container under the same conditions at the same time, and let them run with standard settings for a few months. After the first 2-3 months, we have a good understanding of build-quality and real-world mining efficiency. After about a year, we also have sufficient statistical evidence of long-term build quality based on the number and type of repairs needed in the first year as well as the cost and availability of spare parts.

Example: For the start of the project in May 2023, we had already tested miners since the end of 2022. We compared Avalon (Canaan), Antimer (Bitmain) and Whatsminer (MicroBT) miners. Avalon had extremely good efficiency for great prices, but insufficient build quality. The Antminer S19 and Whatsminer M50 made it to the final round with comparable efficiency based on price and everything else working well. We chose the Whatsminer M50 because it had a much lower failure rate (about 3-5% / year) than the Antimer S19 (about 15-25% / year). Choosing the Whatsminer M50 despite its slightly inferior performance and efficiency allows us to save a lot on repair costs and minimize downtime.

The miners are installed in dedicated mining containers with regular maintenance by experienced and trained staff in cold and dry conditions using simple and reliable air cooling. We use our self-owned facilities with our own transformers and infrastructure to be as independent as possible and to avoid unnecessary middlemen.

We have well armed 24/7 on-site security in addition to live video surveillance, low local crime rates and a well functioning police force. So no, nobody is going to steal anything.

We use 100% hydro power 24/7, making us another 100% renewable Bitcoin mining project. If we find other even cheaper sources of energy that are worth considering, we may hold a community vote on whether or not to use them (like stranded energy from gas or nuclear, etc.).

Although we have fixed long term contracts at around $0.055 / kWh, from time to time we get even cheaper energy (sources like night energy or simply lower current spot prices). The average energy cost per kWh is available in each month’s transparency report as a monthly average.

Rewards and Shares

The minimum is technically 0.01 IHS. As a rule of thumb and for marketing purposes, we always tell people that the minimum is the equivalent of $1.00 BUT you can always buy a few fractions of a share if you have dust in your wallet.

Every day, as soon as our automated reward distribution system detects the mining rewards coming from our ViaBTC pool. In case of downtime or other problems with one of our systems, all skipped rewards will be paid as soon as the problem is fixed. If you have just purchased your first shares, it may take up to 24 hours for your first rewards to appear on the main page of the Infinity Hash dashboard.

No, there is currently no way to transfer shares between accounts. The security implications and insider trading would be too much of a problem in the early stages of the project. Once we have the support infrastructure in place and a way to make fraud and theft really difficult, we will add the transfer feature.

No, Infinity Hash Shares is currently a pure database token. We plan to release a token (or ordinals) on Bitcoin itself as soon as the technology is easy enough for our average user or whales to use.

The Auto Compound setting allows you to specify the percentage of your daily rewards that will be used to automatically purchase additional shares. This way you can benefit from the compound interest effect on your shares. You can set any number from 0% to 100% and change it whenever you want.

The Reward Split option allows you to select the coins and ratio in which you want to receive your daily rewards. You can change this at any time and also select 100% for one of the two currently supported options: BTC or USDT. This will only affect rewards that are not used for auto-compounding! The default setting is 100% Bitcoin because USDT is much riskier than BTC for most users.

Many community members use this setting for tax and accounting purposes. Example: You know you have to pay X% tax on each reward. You set USDT to X% and automatically receive the correct amount directly to your dashboard each day. This way you wouldn’t have any problems if BTC dumped just before tax payday and you would always receive the exact percentage amount based on the Bitcoin price at the time the reward was received.

Regulatory, Tax and Legal

No. We think KYC is bad. It’s bad for privacy because we don’t need to know our community members’ private details in order to operate a mining farm for them. It is bad for security, because stored data can be stolen and would therefore pose a looming threat to larger investors if it fell into the wrong hands. Finally, it is bad for Bitcoin. Bitcoin was designed to be unstoppable, so we shouldn’t facilitate censorship by collecting data we have no legitimate reason to ask for in the first place. To minimize the damage that bad actors like Coinbase and Ledger do to our community, we are actively working to eliminate all third-party integrations and run everything on our own systems.

TLDR: We hate KYC, we’re not going to force it on anyone, and there’s very little they can do about it.

Yes. To create an official invoice that you can use for tax deduction or other purposes, you can enter the required information (address, company name, etc.) in the account settings of the Infinity Hash dashboard. Then you can generate PDF receipts. Be sure to include only the information you really need for maximum privacy. You can also download PDF receipts without entering any information about yourself. Please make sure that the information you enter is correct and complies with your local laws.

Share Price and Tokenomics

There are two numbers you need to know to understand how the price of Infinity Hash Shares (IHS) is calculated: The Minimum Selling Price (MSP) and the Calculated Share Price (CSP). Both are explained in the FAQ entries below. The share price for new shares is set and updated to either the MSP or the CSP, whichever is higher each day. Apart from that, there will always be a current share price for existing shares on the marketplace, set by the community using it.

TLDR: The long term low is $1.00. Actual price will be determined by CSP based on mining performance. Check out our dedicated share price calculation page for all the details.

The MSP is the minimum price at which new shares will be sold. It will never be lowered, as prices for new miners don’t drop below a certain minimum even in bear markets. The MSP was set to $0.80 at the start of the project and will be increased several times during 2023 until it reaches $1.00. After that, it will remain at $1.00 indefinitely, and there will never be a new share sold for less than this minimum price.

The CSP is based on the actual performance of the project (rewards paid to share holders) and has built-in protection against inflation attacks, as well as long-term holding incentives. It also has a feature that ensures that – assuming the external parameters don’t change – if you decide to buy an Infinity Hash Share (IHS) at any time, that share should reach 100% ROI within 3 years (or about ¾ of a bitcoin cycle) while trying to maintain its own value.

Formula for the CSP: Check out our dedicated share price calculation page!

Risks and Concerns

Yes. As a Bitcoin mining operation, we secure the Bitcoin network through it’s proof-of-work system. We are compensated by the network for this service. This Investopedia article goes into great detail about the process.

Yes. Since we use the money we get from selling Infinity Hash shares to buy new miners, each Infinity Hash share is backed by real miners plus additional infrastructure. Since we buy miners in bulk at really good prices, we could pretty much always sell those miners that are still profitable on the open market (or to retail), so the actual mining hardware may even be worth more than the shares, depending on the current Bitcoin and share price.

No, we can’t. Even though we are Bitcoin mining veterans, we cannot see what the future will bring, and even though we are almost certain that we will continue to generate double-digit returns every year for the next decade or so, we can’t promise you anything!

Trust your intuition and do more research until you either decide to invest in Infinity Hash or not. We recommend reading our Weekly Updates and maybe registering for a free Infinity Hash Dashboard account to take a good look at everything before making any decisions. Since Infinity Hash could very well be seen as a risky investment, we recommend you buy only a very small amount of shares (something like $5 or $10) if you want to try it out but are still uncertain. This way you can test the waters before committing to any risk.

Yes. Although we think the risk is very low, as do thousands of happy investors, you can definitely lose money by investing in Infinity Hash. Make sure you understand exactly how Infinity Hash works before you invest.

Affiliate System

Yes, we do. We offer 10% commission in USDT on all shares purchased through your referral link (lifetime commissions on users who sign up through your link for all future purchases, including those made in the MEATEC shop) with a total of 5 levels: 10% on the first level, 3% on the second level, 2% on the third and fourth levels, and 1% on the fifth level. You can find your referral link, code and additional resources on the Affiliate page in the Infinity Hash dashboard.

The company behind Infinity Hash, pays for it to make the Infinity Hash project grow faster and make more profit in the long run. For us, the affiliate system is a marketing expense.

No. All expenses are paid by us as a company. We are basically giving away today’s profits for faster growth and long term partnerships. Since a larger community means lower bulk purchase prices for miners, the expense is worth it and benefits both us as a company and the Infinity Hash community greatly.

No. Pyramid schemes and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) systems both rely on people referring people to get new users, and have multiple levels of members who refer new users to pay the old ones. We don’t take customer money to pay for the affiliate system, and we can’t do that in the future because we’re completely transparent and everyone will notice, which would put us out of business (if we’re lucky) or worse (if we’re not).

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