Today we are pleased to announce the start of our Infinity Hash Weekly Update series, which will be published every Monday with the goal of giving the Infinity Hash community an easy way to keep up with the project and the Bitcoin mining industry as a whole.

We will also use this series to announce upcoming events such as trade shows and community AMA’s, and hope that it will provide further transparency and trust for all project participants and customers.

If you like the new format or have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, feel free to comment below, we are always happy to receive feedback.

Project Updates

Infinity Hash in Numbers

This week we saw a nice increase in generated rewards and were able to increase the total pool hashrate by a whopping 0.4 PH/s by adding 3 new miners. These are the numbers for week 31, 2023 from 2023-07-31 to 2023-08-06.

MetricCurrent dataChange
Total Miners39 Miners+ 3 Miners
Total Hashrate4.7 PH/s+ 0.4 PH/s
Toplam Hisse97,391 SharesCa. + 5000 Shares
Hisse Fiyatı$ 0.80+/- 0 %
Rewards generated0.0684 BTC+ 2.55 %
Reinvested429 USDT+ 14 USDT
Electricity paid1137 USDT+ 13 USDT
Infinity Hash’s metrics for the week ending August 6, 2023 – compared to the week before

Dashboard and Feature Updates

Since this is our first Weekly Update report, we’ll be informing you of all the major dashboard changes we’ve made over the past few weeks so you don’t miss anything.

a) News Section in the Dashboard

We have added a news section right in the dashboard. This allows you to stay up to date on new miner purchases, maintenance status, and other important information:

News Section in the Dashboard

b) Earnings Download as CSV file

You can now export your earnings to CSV for profit or potential tax calculation purposes. If you’re planning on using the export, please let us know if you’d like any additional data in the file export so we can add it. You can download your full CSV export from the detailed rewards view (click the “Rewards” button on the dashboard) by clicking the “Export” button at the bottom:

Earnings Download as CSV file

c) QR-Code for Affiliate Partners

Your affiliate link is now also available as a QR code. We hope this will make things easier for affiliates and users who want to invite their friends to the project. In upcoming dashboard updates, we will provide an improved and larger version for even easier sharing:

QR-Code for Affiliate Partners

Miner and Farm Updates

We were able to increase our community pool hashrate and miner count again and added 3 new miners:

ModelHashrateSourceWorkder ID
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleih4
Whatsminer M50118 THShare salexs105x20p8
Whatsminer M50118 THShare salexs105x14p14
New Miners added to Infinity Hash from 2023-07-31 to 2023-08-06

As always with Infinity Hash, you can view the full worker list online for transparency: Infinity Hash worker list. The worker IDs in the table correspond to the worker IDs on ViaBTC.

Maintenance and Downtime

This week we had some downtime due to our electricity provider, but were able to use it for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Maintenance on August 1: 18:00 – 22:00 (GMT+8), we used this time to thoroughly inspect and clean the equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Emergency shutdown on August 2: We had an emergency shutdown from our electricity provider at the farm, but quickly got the farm back up and running. Out of the entire pool, only about 1.3 PH hashrate was affected (29.53%) for a short period of time.

Links and Outlook

Infinity Hash Links and Socials

Since this is the first weekly update, we wanted to list some links to community groups and our ViaBTC pool in case anyone missed them or wants to subscribe to not miss any updates:

Socials and Support:

  • Telegram Group: Our Telegram group is used to post real-time updates and answer any sorularınız you may have.
  • Discord Server: On Discord, we provide the same information as on Telegram, and you can chat with other community members. We also have dedicated channels in Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, and Korean so you can connect with community members from your country.
  • Haftalık Gelişmeler: Here you will find all weekly updates listed from new to old starting today. On this page you will also find a newsletter form at the bottom of the page. This free newsletter will be used to notify you of new updates and give you an overview of new makaleler and other released content on a consistent basis. Just click here, scroll to the bottom and enter your best email address.


  • ViaBTC Pool: Get a complete and transparent overview of the Infinity Hash mining pool.
  • ViaBTC Workers: A detailed live list of all miners in the Infinity Hash pool, including their current status
  • Reinvest Wallet: The reinvest wallet where 50% of all profits are sent to buy new miners for the community. You can see incoming reinvest transactions under “Transfers” in the form of incoming USDT transactions. The wallet address is: TMaymjtdjGkS7n2uHbGQX2emznyD6pZVx4
  • Electricity Wallet: The electricity wallet is used to pay all electricity costs for the Infinity Hash Pool. As with the Reinvest wallet, you will find all incoming USDT transactions under “Transfers”. The wallet address is: TBy6NqQRUUQetSA8yeNgDBs6mh43hmcSm5

Outlook and Mining Forecast

We are looking forward to a nice week of mining with good news for the whole project and the Infinity Hash community.

New mining equipment

Due to new share sales, we are already at 53 workers registered in the Infinity Hash Pool on ViaBTC, with this week maybe exceeding expectations ;). The more miners we have in the community, the better share price stability, reliability and reward stability will be. Here is a little sneak peek we can share:

Weather conditions

We expect a mostly dry week with a few rainy days and an average temperature of 18.8°C / 64.5°F at the mining farm. These are pretty nice weather conditions with lots of cool air during the night and morning, which should result in a week of stable profits.

It was a pleasure to provide you with the latest information on the Infinity Hash project. We wish our community a great start into the week and as always – happy mining together!

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