Update 12. March 2024

After going through due diligence and providing proof of the mining farm and existing mining hardware, as well as our repair shop for Infinity Hash we are happy to announce that we got our .com-domain back. To save everyone from another domain switch we will stay on our .io-domain as our main domain for the future and keep the old .com-domain as a backup (traffic to the .com-domain will be forwarded).

All in all, we have to say that our conversations with and the communication we received from tucows was outright horrible, and their attitude was that of an immature child with absolutely zero responsibility for us as a business or our users and community that relies on the dashboard and our website to be working.

If you are a crypto project, we advise you to not even consider registering your domain with them. Their response to how we can prevent random third parties from taking down our projects’ domain by sending an email was that there is nothing we can do, and we can expect it to happen again since we are a crypto project. TLDR: They will just take your whole operation down without even checking any of the claims against you on third-party notice, or if they feel like it, and then you can expect to maybe get it back after discussing everything with their shitty support for a few weeks.

Initial Post

Dear Infinity Hash Community,

We have some important news to share regarding our project. Unfortunately, our domain infinity-hash.com faced an unexpected setback as it was blocked by the domain registrar on the basis of a phishing allegation. Despite our efforts to clarify the misunderstanding, there was no communication from tucows (or Ascio, its backend reseller) before they took action.

In light of this, we’ve made a customer-centric decision to ensure minimal disruption to our services. We swiftly transitioned to a new domain, infinity-hash.io, where everything from our dashboard to our blog is now accessible. The only alteration you’ll notice is the change from “.com” to “.io” in our URLs. Rest assured, our affiliate system and rewards as well as the mining farm remain unaffected (apart from the URL change to “.io”).

Furthermore, we’re implementing backup measures by securing domains such as infinity-hash.net, and if recovered, infinity-hash.com, both of which will seamlessly redirect to our primary domain at infinity-hash.io.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our Telegram group or through our new support email at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate through this transition together.

Warm regards,

Your Infinity Hash team

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