This is our tenth post in the Infinity Hash Weekly Update series for October 9nd, 2023.

This week we added new miners, completed more dashboard updates and further improved the transparency of the project by publishing our first monthly transparency report.

You can always get a full overview of past charts and numbers on the Weekly Updates page.

Project Updates

Infinity Hash in Numbers

This week we saw a slight increase in Bitcoin prices as well as slightly lower temperatures than last week. In combination with two new miners and low downtime this contributed to a noticeable increase in generated rewards. These are the numbers for week 40, 2023 from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-08.

MetricCurrent dataChange
Total Miners52 Miners+ 2 Miners
Total Hashrate6.17 PH/s+ 0.3 PH/s
Total Shares120,578 Shares+ 5,298 Shares
Share Price$ 0.80+/- 0 %
Rewards generated0.0911 BTC+ 1.22 %
Reinvested470 USDT+ 39 USDT
Electricity paid1561 USDT+ 47 USDT
Infinity Hash’s metrics for the week ending October 8, 2023 – compared to the week before

Dashboard and Feature Updates

a) Swap page redesign

We’ve made some improvements to the swap page to make it more user-friendly for new users and those with limited experience in crypto. Additionally, we’ve enhanced mobile support and integrated important display information to be ready for more currencies, including potential future fiat currency support.

New Swap page redesign
To access the new swap page, click on “Swap” in the sidebar or in the main menu on mobile.

b) Buy shares page redesign

We’ve made the buy shares page clearer and easier to use. You can choose to pay directly using your dashboard funds (BTC and USDT) or deposit new funds, which will be automatically used to buy shares once the funds arrive and are detected by our backend. We hope this clears up any confusion about payment options and makes buying shares simpler and more transparent.

New buy shares page redesign
To access the new buy shares dialogue, click on the “Buy shares” button on the main page of the dashboard.

c) Public roadmap page

We added a public roadmap page to make it easier to keep track of the features our development team is currently working on. Our aim is to increase transparency and give you better insight into the project.

Click here to view the roadmap.

d) Public transparency reports

To further improve transparency and build long-term trust, we now publish monthly transparency reports that provide complete insight into the Infinity Hash project’s mining hardware, revenue data and energy expenditures. You can download a PDF of the monthly roadmap.

Click here to view the full list of transparency reports.

Miner and Farm Updates

This week we added 2 new miner and and increased the community pool hash rate by 237 TH.

ModelHashrateSourceWorkder ID
Whatsminer M50116 THShare saleih51
Whatsminer M50121 THShare saleih52
New Miners added to Infinity Hash from 2023-10-01 to 2023-10-08

Maintenance and Downtimes

No important maintenance was conducted this week, but we did perform firmware enhancement tests on two miners, which resulted in an uptime of approximately 98%. If the improvements are successful, we will provide you with the latest information in the following weekly update. We may also conduct a community poll to determine whether to continue with a new miner enhancement option or maintain the status quo.


Bitcoin Amsterdam is finally there! If you are attending, you’ll be able to identify us based on our Infinity Hash and MEATEC shirts. We also brought some vouchers and will gift some extra shares paid for by the team ;).

Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023
More info on Bitcoin Amsterdam is available on their website

Links and Outlook


  • ViaBTC Pool: Get a complete and transparent overview of the Infinity Hash mining pool.
  • ViaBTC Workers: A detailed live list of all miners in the Infinity Hash pool, including their current status
  • Reinvest Wallet: The reinvest wallet where 50% of all profits are sent to buy new miners for the community. You can see incoming reinvest transactions under “Transfers” in the form of incoming USDT transactions. The wallet address is: TMaymjtdjGkS7n2uHbGQX2emznyD6pZVx4
  • Electricity Wallet: The electricity wallet is used to pay all electricity costs for the Infinity Hash Pool. As with the Reinvest wallet, you will find all incoming USDT transactions under “Transfers”. The wallet address is: TBy6NqQRUUQetSA8yeNgDBs6mh43hmcSm5

Outlook and Mining Forecast

With further development progress of the new dashboard completed, Bitcoin Amsterdam, as well as 2 new miners online we expect a successful week with new growth for the project. This will gradually establish stability in the mining profits by lessening the impact of maintenance work on individual miners, and also reduce the number of days necessary to add new miners from the reinvest wallet.

Weather conditions

We expect a cloudy week with a further and noticeable drop in temperatures compared to last week, averaging at 7.1°C / 47.7°F at the mining farm. This should result in a clear profit increase.

As always, it has been a pleasure to provide you with the latest information on the Infinity Hash project. We wish our community a great week and happy mining together!

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