This is our nineteenth post in the Infinity Hash Weekly Update series for December 11th, 2023.

This week we saw a big jump in market cap, surpassing half a million USD in total share valuation, and were able to increase our community pool by 28 new miners, while significantly increasing the rewards generated and contributions to the reinvest wallet for each community member.

Siempre puede obtener una visión completa de las tablas y números en la Página de Actualizaciones Semanales.

Actualizaciones del proyecto

Infinity Hash en números

Together with another jump of Bitcoins price, 2 new miners from last week and 28 new miners from this week we saw a big jump in share price, generated profits and market cap. All in all we reached the following milestones:

  • 3x or 300% increase in share price from $0.80 at the beginning of the project
  • Reached over 10 petahashes in mining performance
  • Over 500k USD in total market capitalization

We are extremely thankful to all our community members for their trust in us. This wouldn’t have been possible without you! Estas son las cifras de week 49, 2023 from 2023-12-04 al 2023-12-10.

MétricoDatos actualesCambio
Total de mineros98 Miners+ 28 Miners
Hashrate total11.78 PH/s+ 3.27 PH/s
Total de Acciones229,973 Shares+ 68,862 Shares
Precio de Acción$ 2.42+ 37.50 %
Recompensas generadas0.1496 BTC+ 31.92 %
Reinvertido1867 USDT+ 820 USDT
Electricidad pagada2643 USDT+ 458 USDT
Infinity Hash’s metrics for the week ending December 10, 2023 – compared to the week before

Panel de Control y Actualizaciones de Funciones

This week, we implemented the following urgent updates that delayed translations for the Dashboard, but were necessary to keep things running smoothly and fairly for all community members:

a) Time zone switching for rewards

We have changed the time zone for reward distribution and calculation of new daily share prices to Hong Kong time zone. We did this because this is the timezone of our mining pool at ViaBTC. This will result in some users, depending on their timezone, seeing the next calendar day’s rewards a day earlier.

We had to make this change to prevent technically savvy community members from calculating a new price before everyone else sees it in the dashboard, and hope that this will keep trading on the marketplace fair in the long run. After we add the translations to the dashboard, we will make sure that everyone can set their preferred time in the account settings, so no one has to deal with date calculations in the future.

b) Blog and website translations

We finished translating the whole blog into German and now Russian and updated our homepage. This was the last missing translation update before the dashboard translations can go live. In the process, we also added new affiliate banners, which are now available in Russian and German on the affiliate page.

Minero y Actualizaciones de la Granja

This week we added 28 new miner, increasing the community pool hash rate by 3354 TH.

ModelHashrateSourceWorkder ID
Whatsminer M50114 THShare saleIH071
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH072
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH073
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH074
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH075
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH076
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH077
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH078
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH079
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH080
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH081
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH082
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH083
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH084
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH085
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH086
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH087
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH088
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH089
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH090
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH091
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH092
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH093
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH094
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH095
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH096
Whatsminer M50120 THShare saleIH097
Whatsminer M50120 THReinvestIH098
New Miners added to Infinity Hash from 2023-12-04 to 2023-12-10

Maintenance and Downtimes

This week we had two minor downtimes due to extremely cold weather, resulting in an overall uptime of approximately 97%.


To thank our community and grow the project in preparation for the upcoming Bitcoin halving, we are currently testing hydro mining for Infinity Hash and will launch a special offer for all community members and new users until we reach a market cap of one million USD.

We will keep you updated on the Hydro Mining with the new offer going online tomorrow!

News and Outlook


  • ViaBTC Pool: Get a complete and transparent overview of the Infinity Hash mining pool.
  • ViaBTC Workers: A detailed live list of all miners in the Infinity Hash pool, including their current status
  • Reinvest Wallet: The reinvest wallet where 50% of all profits are sent to buy new miners for the community. You can see incoming reinvest transactions under “Transfers” in the form of incoming USDT transactions. The wallet address is: TMaymjtdjGkS7n2uHbGQX2emznyD6pZVx4
  • Electricity Wallet: The electricity wallet is used to pay all electricity costs for the Infinity Hash Pool. As with the Reinvest wallet, you will find all incoming USDT transactions under “Transfers”. The wallet address is: TBy6NqQRUUQetSA8yeNgDBs6mh43hmcSm5

Perspectiva y Previsión de Minería

With 28 new miners added we will now be able to provide stable profits even if a few miners have downtime due to repairs. The increase in Bitcoins price together with high blockchain fees should make the coming week a great week with some bigger improvements and news regarding our testing of hydro miners.

Weather conditions

The forecast for this week show slightly lower temperatures with an average of -22.1°C / -7.78°F. If miners are able to withstand the temperature drops at night we will have continued perfect cooling conditions at the farm that should lead to great profits.

As always, it has been a pleasure to provide you with the latest information on the Infinity Hash project. We wish our community a great week and happy mining together!

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