This is our twenty-fourth post in the Infinity Hash Weekly Update series for January 15, 2024.

This week we added a lot of new miners, finished an explanation video for the project in English, and had prolonged downtime and problems with one of the power lines going to our mining farm. Apart from this, the Bitcoin ETFs were launched but had only a small immediate impact on the Bitcoin price, which only increased a bit.

Siempre puede obtener una visión completa de las tablas y números en la Página de Actualizaciones Semanales.

Actualizaciones del proyecto

Infinity Hash en números

Estas son las cifras de week 2, 2024, from 2024-01-08 al 2024-01-14.

MétricoDatos actualesCambio
Total de mineros132 Miners+ 22 Miners
Hashrate total15.47 PH/s+ 1.74 PH/s
Total de Acciones245,639 Shares+ 3338 Shares
Precio de Acción$ 2.49– 8.56 %
Recompensas generadas0.14638144 BTC+ 10.81 %
Reinvertido2220 USDT+ 300 USDT
Electricidad pagada3583 USDT+ 311 USDT
Infinity Hash’s metrics for the week ending January 14, 2024 – compared to the week before

Panel de Control y Actualizaciones de Funciones

Auto compound and reward split fixes

This week we worked on fixing some bugs regarding auto-compounds and reward split entries. All affected entries on the user side will be re-booked on January 15th or 16th. In the background, the issue was due to an API endpoint used to communicate with our exchange provider, which we could resolve by improving our own API client implementation. The improvements will also be added to the swap feature in the dashboard, so we can provide a more stable service and reduce the number of failed swaps (basically market orders) for all users.

(If you still see any error, please send us a quick text on Telegram or via email so we can resolve it).

Withdrawal and deposit page

Other than that we added more deposit options in the background and are now ready to update the deposit and withdrawal pages in the dashboard to make them more straight forward and the user interface more logical and easy to use for new users.

Minero y Actualizaciones de la Granja

This week, we added 22 new miners, increasing the community pool hash rate by 2684 TH.

ModelHashrateSourceWorkder ID
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH111
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH112
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH113
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH114
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH115
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH116
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH117
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH118
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH119
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH120
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH121
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH122
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH123
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH124
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH125
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH126
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH127
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH128
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH129
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH130
Whatsminer M50128 THShare saleIH131
Whatsminer M50124 THReinvestIH132
New Miners added to Infinity Hash from 2024-01-08 to 2024-01-14

Mantenimiento y tiempos de inactividad

Unfortunately, we had a longer downtime this week due to a power line to our mining farm breaking down as a result of a load peak. The line itself is the responsibility of our electricity provider, which meant that we were not allowed to repair it ourselves.

The effect of the broken power line on our pool hash rate from January 11th to January 13th
The effect of the broken power line on our pool hash rate from January 11th to January 13th

The line was repaired directly on Thursday, January 11, but the underlying problem was probably not solved, which led to the same line failing again on Friday/Saturday, January 12/13. As the electricity provider did not have sufficient capacity to repair it immediately on the weekend, we have temporarily switched the supply to another line and expect the final repair to be completed in the week commencing January 15.

The total uptime for this week was 86%.

Enlances y Perspectiva

Infinity Hash Articles and Socials

We finally finished a proper video explaining how the project works, which is much faster than reading through the whole blog content. We will add translated versions as well as a shorter version in Russian and German. The current version below was added to all landing pages to increase conversions for everyone using landing pages for the affiliate program.

The video is available on YouTube at the following link:

Feel free to use it in any way you see fit! If you have any suggestions or changes to make to improve it, we would love to hear about it and are always available on Telegram and Discord 🙂

Perspectiva y Previsión de Minería

For the coming week, we expect drastically higher rewards and hope the problems with the power line will be finally fixed. Furthermore, we will be able to add at least one new miner via the reinvest wallet and increase profits for the whole community further this way.

Weather conditions

The forecast for this week shows slightly higher temperatures again, with an average of -12.8°C / 8.96°F. These are still good temperatures for mining that provide great cooling conditions.

As always, it has been a pleasure to provide you with the latest information on the Infinity Hash project. We wish our community a great week and happy mining together!

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